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  • Unilateral cleft hand (lobster claw hand)- accepted for publication in IJMR(Indian Journal of Medical Research-PUBMED INDEXED).

  • Fatal newborn varicella despite VZIg prophylaxis- accepted for publication in IJDVL(PUBMED).

  • Marwah P, Marwah A and Kaur P. To assess the prevalence of obesity among affluent school children in Patiala, Punjab and identify its associated risk factors. Ped oncall 2012; 9(4): 93-5. (ISSN 0973-0966)

  • Marwah A and Marwah P. Amniotic band syndrome. Ped oncall 2012; 9(1): 17-8. (ISSN 0973-0966)

  • Symptomatic hypoglycemia causing brain injury in a term breast fed newborn following early discharge. Marwah A and Gathwala G. Indian J Pediatr 2011; 78 (12): 1549-51. (PUBMED INDEXED)

  • A Large Retropharyngeal abscess following spinal tuberculosis presenting as life-threatening stridor in a child. Marwah Ashish, Gurmeet Kaur, Marwah Poonam. JIACM 2011; 12(3): 223-4. (INDMED INDEXED)

  • Effect of high- dose phenobarbital on oxidative stress in perinatal asphyxia: an open label randomized Controlled trial. Gathwala G, Marwah A, Gahlaut V and Marwah P. Indian pediatr 2011; 78(12): 1549-51. (PUBMED INDEXED)

  • Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) in bilirubin encephalopathy. Gathwala G, Marwah A and Vashisht N. IMJ 2010; CXLIV(7): 279-82. (ISSN 0019-5863)

  • Renal tubular acidosis (RTA) in children. Nanda S, Marwah A and Marwah P. Journal of Postgraduate Medical Education, Training and Research 2009: IV (1-5); 27-32.

  • Newer diagnostic methods. Advances in lab diagnosis of tuberculosis. Nanda S and Marwah A. Journal of Postgraduate Medical Education, Training and Research 2007: II.

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