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Central Library

S No.TitleQuantity
1 Total No. of Books5962
2 Total No. of Reference Books625

List of National Journals in Central Library

S No.TitleQuantity
1 Asian Journal of Ear, Nose & Thorax.1
2 Asian Journal of Obst.& Gynae1
3 Biomedicine.1
4 Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology1
5 Delhi Journal of Orthopedics1
6 FOGSI Journal.1
7 Indian Academy of Pediatrics.1
8 Indian journal of Anaesthesia1
9 Indian journal of Anatomical Society of India1
10 Indian journal of chest disease & allied science1
11 Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology 1
12 Indian journal of clinical Biochemistry1
13 Indian Journal of Community Medicine 1
14 Indian journal of critical care medicine1
15 Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerelogy & Leprology1
16 Indian Journal of Dermatology.1
17 Indian Journal of Hematology &Blood Transfusion1
18 Indian Journal of Human Genetics.1
19 Indian Journal of Maxillofacial & oral Surgery.1
20 Indian Journal of Medical Biochemistry1
21 Indian Journal of Medical Education1
22 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 1
23 Indian Journal of Medical Research1
24 Indian Journal of Oncology1
25 Indian Journal of Ophthalmology1
26 Indian journal of orthopaedics1
27 Indian Journal of Otolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery.1
28 Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 1
29 Indian Journal of pediatrics.1
30 Indian Journal of Pharmacology.1
31 Indian Journal of physiology1
32 Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology.1
33 Indian journal of Radiology and Imaging1
34 Indian Journal of surgery.1
35 Indian Journal of Tuberculosis1
36 JAPI1
37 Journal of Anesthesiology & clinical Pharmacology.1
38 Journal of Communicable Diseases1
39 Journal of Cytology1
40 Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine1
41 Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology1
42 Lung India1
43 Obs. Gynae Today1

List of International Journals in Central Library

S No.TitleQuantity
1 British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (BJOG)1
2 American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology1
3 American journal of Physiology1
4 American journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine 1
5 American Journal of Surgical Pathology1
6 Annals of Internal Medicine1
7 Annual review of physiology1
8 British Journal of Anesthesia1
9 Clinical Chemistry1
10 International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research1
11 JAMA Surgery1
12 Journal of Anatomy1
13 Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (British)1
14 Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (JCRS)1
15 Journal of Clinical Microbiology1
16 Medicine, Science & the Law–official Journal of British Academy of Forensic Sciences1
17 OCNA (Otolaryngology Clinic of North America)1
18 Orthopedics clinic of North America1
19 Pediatrics (By American Academy of Pediatrics)1
20 Radiologic Clinics of North America1
21 WHO Bulletin1

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