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Women Harassment Complaint

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India defines “Sexual Harassment at work place” as follows:

“For this purpose, sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined behaviour (whether directly or by implication) as:

  • a) Physical contact and advances
  • b) A demand or request for sexual favours
  • c) Sexually coloured remarks
  • d) Showing pornography
  • e) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual

Where any of these acts is committed in circumstances whereunder the victim of such conduct has a reasonable apprehension that in relation to the victim’s employment or work whether she is drawing salary, or honorarium or voluntary, whether in government, public or private enterprise such conduct can be humiliating and may constitute a health and safety problem. It is discriminatory or instance when the woman has reasonable grounds to believe that her objection would disadvantage her in connection with her employment or work including recruiting or promotion or when it creates a hostile work environment . Adverse consequences might be visited if the victim does not consent to the conduct in question or raises any objection thereto”

A gender harassment committee is in place in BPS Govt. Medical College for Women, Khanpur Kalan & its composition is as under:-

S. No. Name Designation Contact No
1 Dr. Uma Garg, prof. & Head ENT Chairperson 8607701336
2 Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Prof. & Head F. Medicine Member 9992228403
3 Dr. Anupama Tandon, Prof. Head Eye Member 9812029236
4 Dr. Navtej Singh, Assoc.Professor, Medicine Member 9812031853
5 Dr. Ruchi Aggrawal, Assoc Prof. Pathology Member 9996235898
6 Mr. R. K. Mittal, Advocate Member 9813381349

UGC Handbook

The Medical Superintendent, all the HODs of departments, DMS, Accounts Officer, Administrative Officer, DNS & MRO are requested to make sure that all women employees working in their respective department have read the above and are aware. The same may be displayed on the departmental notice board for general awareness and may be explained in the local language if required.

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