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Academic Achievements

Name Activity
Dr. R.C. Siwach- International Conference in Parague (Czechoslovakia) 6 Presentation
Dr. R.C. Siwach - Prof. K.S. Grewal Oration - NZIOACON 2012 1 Oration - presentation

Social Achievements

1. National Blood Donation Day

• Camp was held. 75 people donated the blood.

• Hospital staff also participated in camp.

2. Workshop on NIV

• Worthy Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences, Rohtak, inaugurate the Workshop.

• Workshop organized on 11.10.2011 on NIV by dept. of anaesthesia which at BPS GMC for Women Khanpur Kalan.

• Dr. Jagdish Dureja - Professor of Anaesthesia was Attended by 215 doctors from Delhi & UPC Haryana.


3. CME Forensic

• 1st Symposium cum CME 2012

• On medical legal responsibilities of doctors

• And panel discussion on female foeticide 29 July 2012

4. CME Ortho

• Recent concept in Hip Arthroplasty held on 28 oct 2012

5. CME Ortho

• Focus-Hip and Pelvis 2013 held on april 7,2013o

Academic Activities

Anaesthesiology and Critical Care :- CME on NIV held on 10 oct 2011

Forensic Medicine:- 1st Symposium cum CME 2012
Panel discussion on Female foeticide- Society and Doctors held on 29 july 2012

Orthopedics :- Recent concept in Hip Arthroplastry held on 28 oct 2012

The Academic meetings and CPC conducted by Medical Education Unit, BPS GMC for Women, Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat is as follows:

Topic:- Professionalism

Speaker: Dr. R.C. Siwach (Director)

Topic: Assesment of Cardial Performance : Physiological Perspective

Speaker: Dr. Anil K Pandey, (Deptt. Of Physiology)

Topic:- Art of Powerpoint presentation

Speaker: Dr. Renu Garg , (Deptt. ofBiochemistry)

Topic:- Management of Bronchial Asthma in Pregnancy

Speaker: Dr. Aanand Agarwal, Respiratory Medicine

Topic:- Laser in Medicine

Speaker:- Dr. Uma Garg , Dept. of E.N.T

Speaker:Dr. Ravinder Ahlawat, DMS

CPC by:-

Dr. Anurag Ambroz Singh, dept. of General Medicine

Dr. Parveen Rana, Dept. of Pathology

Topic:- Solitary Thyroid Nodule

Speaker:- Dr. M K Garg, General Surgery

Topic:- Post Exposure prophylaxis in HIV

Speaker:- Dr. Usha Kataria , Skin And VD



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